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Greco Energy installs, services, and repairs all types of swimming pool heaters. We work on propane gas pool heaters. You can count on us to extend your inground or above-ground pool season by providing a heating solution to keep your pool water warm and enjoyable.

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Living in a state like Connecticut, homeowners can extend their swimming season with aa top-quality swimming pool heater. With a new pool heater, your pool will be ready for swimming, any time of the day or night, at the perfect temperature!

Without a pool heater, your swimming season is greatly reduced and your pool's water temperature cools down quickly at night and takes longer to heat up during the day.

A nice benefit of installing a pool heater is the elimination of larger temperature swings, making it easier to maintain the bacteria, enzyme, and chemical levels in your pool.

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We install and service the following brands of swimming pool heaters:

Hayward Pool Heaters

hayward universal pool heaters

Laars Pool Heaters

laars pool heaters

Raypack Pool Heaters

raypack pool heaters

Request A Swimming Pool Heater Consultation From Greco Energy

Greco Energy has the experience and know-how to install your swimming pool heater correctly the first time. You can trust us for a quality installation, having peace of mind that your pool heating demands are handled correctly!

There are many types of pool heaters on the market. Some use natural gas and others are powered with LP propane. There are many considerations to account for when selecting which type of heater to use, namely the size of your pool, it's location (sun/shade) and whether the pool is above or below ground. Let our staff help you select the best equipment for your pool, situation, and budget. Read more.

Greco Energy

A pool is a luxury that just about everyone enjoys. Not only do you get to catch some sun but you also get to cool off from the summer heat. It's a great way to relax while enjoying the nice weather. However, the summer is only one out of four seasons, meaning that you may get 3 or so months where you can use the pool comfortably.

Unless you are one of those rare die-hards who like to swim in frigid water, then a pool heater is an absolute must. It is an excellent way to extend your pool season and getting the most out of your investment. Homeowners and business owners in Wolcott, Connecticut can call Greco Energy for a pool heater installation.

Above Ground Pool Heaters

Not many realize that all kinds of pools can have a pool heater, even those that are above ground. This will greatly impact the temperature of your pool, allowing you to feel comfortable swimming well past the normal swimming season. However, installing a pool heater isn't a job for an amateur.

Since most pool heaters run on propane or natural gas, then an expert technician will have to do the job. Installing pool heating equipment that uses combustible fuel takes skill and knowledge to ensure that the job is done properly. It will also make sure that the pool heater works as expected and that it operates safely.

You can rely on the experts at Greco Energy to install your above ground pool heater. Our technicians have ample experience to get the job done quickly and affordably, with your safety in mind. Call today for a free estimate.

In-Ground Pool Heaters

Why go to the extent of having a beautiful and relaxing in-ground pool in your home that doesn't feel comfortable for most of the year? After all, Connecticut's winter weather is characterized by long and frigid winters. Therefore, depending on the sun to heat up your pool can truly seem like an eternity.

Many either choose to use their pool for a very short period of the year or they bite their bottom lip and endure swimming in icy-cold water. Instead of waiting for mother nature to heat up your pool, you can install an in-ground pool heater. It's an excellent way to add to your oasis, allowing you to get the most use out of it.

Call Greco Energy to schedule a free, in-home estimate. We can send a technician to your home to assess your pool heating requirements. Our technician will be able to match a pool heating system to meet all of your requirements. Furthermore, you can count on us to recommend a unit that operates efficiently and can keep your pool nice and comfortable. Call now to schedule a free consultation.

Natural Gas Pool Heater Installation

If you already heat your home with natural gas, then installing a natural gas pool heater can be done quickly by one of our expert technicians. However, installing a pool heater takes quite a bit of skill and knowledge. For example, there must be a check valve in between the pool's heating system and any form of chlorine injection. Likewise, a pool heater installation requires the correct gas line size, venting, and other aspects that make your heater operate as necessary. Therefore, don't even attempt a natural gas pool heater installation on your own. Call Greco Energy for fast, affordable, and safe pool heating system installations. We offer free estimates and all of our work is backed by a solid guarantee.

Propane Pool Heater Installation

The most efficient pool heating systems either run on natural gas or LP, propane. Fortunately, the professionals at Greco Energy have the experience and knowledge working with both of these types of pool heaters. You can rest assured that by calling us, you are in good hands.

We can determine the size of the propane pool heater that your home requires. We can determine which heater meets your needs, based on pool size, orientation, and other essential factors. Likewise, we can examine your propane tank size to determine if it is able to meet your home heating requirements. If you do not have a propane tank on your property, then we can install one for you as Greco Energy specializes in HVAC services as well. We are your one-stop-shop for all of your pool heating, fuel delivery, and HVAC requirements! Call now for a free estimate.

Swimming Pool Heater Repairs

Did you plan on going swimming today but the water was ice-cold? Ouch, that's brutal, especially if you were expecting your pool heater to keep the water temperature at a nice 78°F. Well, hopefully, you didn't jump in and, instead, you went inside and called the professionals at Greco Energy.

For all of your pool heater repairs, you can count on us to get your pool heater up and running again. Our technicians have vans that are fully stocked with pool heating system replacement parts. This way, you won't have to experience any downtime. All of our pool heating system repairs are fast, friendly, and affordable. Call now to schedule a free quote with one of our licensed technicians today.

Give Greco Energy a call to get a skilled swimming pool heater technician in your Wolcott home ASAP. Give us a call at (203) 755-3003 for an in-home visit and free quote!