Oil Tank Monitoring

Never worry about running out heating oil again! With the Oil Tank Monitor Gremlin, you are in complete control of your fuel supply.

The Gremlin Oil Tank Monitor makes managing energy levels easier than ever for Greco Energy customers. This easy-to-install device will monitor your oil tank’s levels, record usage history, track deliveries, and automatically sync this data to your smartphone, computer, or tablet. When your oil tank levels are low, you’ll get an update and can connect with your fuel provider directly from the Tank Monitor Gremlin app. It’s that simple!

  • 10-minute easy installation
  • Extended battery life
  • Cellular, RF, and WiFi versions
  • Easy-to-use app for tracking and ordering

Take charge of this heating season with the accessible and affordable Tank Monitor Gremlin. Greco Energy heating oil customers can add this feature to their service plan for just $25! Contact us today at (203) 755-3003 or complete the form below to get more information!